What time does Istanbul metro close?

It has become clear until what time the metro is open in Istanbul. Istanbul metro has an important place in public transportation as it is open from early morning until late at night. So, until what time is Istanbul metro open?

The metro in Istanbul is open until 00:00. Metro services start at 6 in the morning and end at 12 at night. Metro services start at 06:00 and end at 00:00.

All metros in Istanbul start their first trips at 06:00. On some lines, departure times may be a few minutes earlier or later. However, the general start time is 6 am.

All metros in Istanbul have their last trips at 00:00. The time clock may play for a few minutes. However, in general, the last hour the subways are open is 12 at night.

Additionally, some metros in Istanbul have night services. Night sailings are available on weekends and holidays. For up-to-date information about night flights, you can check out the attached article below.