How much does Istanbulkart cost?

Istanbulkart is a contactless smart card used for public transportation in Istanbul. Istanbulkart has quickly become the primary payment method for travel within Istanbul on buses, trams, subways, ferries and even some private transportation vehicles.

So how much is istanbul kart? You are at the right address to find out the current Istanbul card prices. Here you can see the price list for the Istanbul card.

Istanbul kart price

The Istanbul card contains an embedded microchip that stores balance in Turkish Lira. It can be purchased at various outlets in the city or online, and then the balance can be loaded at approximate filling stations located at metro stops, bus terminals and other convenient locations.

  • Card Type
  • Card Price
  • Istanbulkart
  • ₺70
  • Custom Istanbulkart
  • ₺80
  • Blue Istanbulkart
  • ₺80
  • 1x Pass
  • ₺25
  • 2x Pass
  • ₺45
  • 3x Pass
  • ₺70
  • 4x Pass
  • ₺85
  • 5x Pass
  • ₺105
  • 6x Pass
  • ₺125
  • 7x Pass
  • ₺145
  • 8x Pass
  • ₺165
  • 9x Pass
  • ₺185
  • 10x Pass
  • ₺200
  • SMS QR
  • ₺25
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In order to use an Istanbul card, you need to hold the card reader while getting on a public transportation vehicle. The microchip of the card communicates with the reader and determines the appropriate fare according to the time of day, distance traveled and mode of transportation.