How to get to Istanbul Airport from city center Sultanahmet?

Istanbul’s historical district, Sultanahmet, is a center that is visited by millions of tourists every year and hosts many historical places. How to get from Sultanahmet to Istanbul Airport? With this complete guide, you can easily reach Istanbul Airport from Sultanahmet.

Known as the Old City, the Historic Peninsula is a place where you can explore the historical sites of Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar and enjoy its unique blend of culture and architecture. Sultanahmet offers a glimpse into the city’s fascinating past and remains one of Istanbul’s most iconic and visited areas.

You can use bus and metro to go from Sultanahmet to Istanbul Airport. Below you can find different ways to get from Sultanahmet to Istanbul Airport.

1. Going by Havaist bus

Havaist bus departs from Aksaray metro station. Havaist is a private bus service designed to transport passengers from various points of the city to Istanbul Airport. To go with Havaist buses, you can buy tickets at

The closest Havaist line to Sultanehmet is the “HVIST – 12” line departing from Aksaray metro station. Aksaray metro station is very close to Sultanehmet. You can take the Marmaray train in Sirkeci, get off at Yenikapı and use one of the M1A or M1B metro lines. map link for Aksaray metro station.

2. Going by IETT bus

IETT bus departs from Mecidiyeköy metro station and Halkalı Marmaray station. IETT is the city bus service of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It provides the opportunity to travel cheaper than the private business. To go with IETT, you must buy 2 single-use cards from a box office. If you are traveling to Istanbul more often, you can buy an Istanbulkart.

The closest airport bus to Sultanahmet departs from Mecidiyeköy and Halkalı. To go to Mecidiyeköy, you can take the “M2 Yenikapı-Seyrantepe-Hacıosman” Metro Line from Yenikapı. You can go from Mecidiyeköy with the “H-2 Mecidiyeköy – Istanbul Airport” line. map link for Mecidiyeköy stop.

You can use the “Halkalı – Gebze Marmaray” train line from Sirkeci to go to Halkalı. You can take the “H-3 Halkalı Marmaray – Istanbul Airport” line from Halkalı. map link for Halkalı stop.

3. Going by subway

The metro line that goes directly to Istanbul Airport is the “M11 Gayrettepe – Istanbul Airport – Halkalı Metro” line. To use this metro line, you have to go to Gayrettepe, which is the closest stop to Sultanahmet. M11 metro Gayrettepe station map link.

4. Going by taxi

Taking a taxi to Istanbul Airport may cost a little, but you should consider it as a last option. First of all, you should know how many kilometers are from Sultanahmet to Istanbul Airport so that the taxi driver does not demand more money from you.

Taking a taxi from Sultanahmet Square to Istanbul Airport takes a minimum of 40 kilometers and a maximum of 45 kilometers. Now it’s time to calculate the taxi fare. You can calculate the taxi fare over current prices from the Istanbul taxi fare calculation page.