What month does it snow in istanbul?

Istanbul is a city located in the north of the Marmara Region of Turkey. The city sits on a land mass of 5 thousand 461 square kilometers. Istanbul does not have a large plain and most of its territory is covered with settlements and hills.

Winter in Istanbul is beautiful, when it snows in Istanbul the city can look magnificently dressed with a powder white cloak covering everything. The best months to see snow in Istanbul are January and February. November and December are usually a little early, but you may get lucky during these months.

The climate of Istanbul, which has a transitional climate between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, is affected by the movement of air masses. It has a climate where winters are cold and rainy and summers are rainless, hot and muggy. There is a possibility of snow in Istanbul from November to mid-March.

The highest snowfall ever experienced in Istanbul fell on March 14, 1987, and the snow did not melt for a month. It is also stated that due to the snowfall and cold weather during the Byzantine and Ottoman times, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn in Istanbul froze and it was necessary to cross the street on foot.

The lowest temperature in Istanbul in winter is -11 degrees. In Istanbul, snowfall usually occurs when the temperature drops below 0 degrees.