Istanbul house rent price 2024

House rent prices in Istanbul are constantly changing depending on factors such as location, size, condition and current market conditions. We constantly update the Istanbul rental prices on this page to keep them containing the most up-to-date and accurate information. Here you can find rent prices by district in Istanbul.

House rental prices in Istanbul can vary significantly depending on the neighborhood and property type. In general, you can find the following approximate monthly rental price ranges:

  • Luxury or High-End Areas (e.g. Beşiktaş, Nişantaşı, Bebek): 2 + 1 Bedroom House: 25,000 TL – 35,000 TL
  • Central and Popular Regions (e.g. Şişli, Kadıköy, Beyoğlu): 2 + 1 Room House: 21,000 TL – 29,000 TL
  • Suburban Areas (e.g. Ümraniye, Ataşehir, Bahçeşehir): 2 + 1 Room House: 17,000 TL – 27,000 TL
  • Remote and Less Expensive Regions (e.g. Esenyurt, Pendik, Başakşehir): 2 + 1 Room House: 14,000 TL – 23,000 TL

Please note that these prices are only rough estimates of market conditions and may vary significantly based on specific location, property features and prevailing market conditions.